things to read/watch/listen/experience

This is not for promotion. This is gathering for the archive.

xtian w. one day told me about the bower bird, who in courtship gathers things to make a structure, bric-a-brac, 7aratee2, random pieces of the world gathered beautifully in each other’s company. This bower bird has been my phone background ever since. Being in community feels like this sometimes.

I exist in a constellation of communities. Here are stars. I don’t have a fancy website. So imagine all these floating and roving around each other among other stars and being so bright.

This is also a reading list.

Atlas of Places

For the archive: Transcript of a debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault in 1971 on Dutch TV titled Human Nature: Justice versus Power. I also have activated Hypothesis on this page, so feel free to comment, annotate, and read together. That’d be a cool way to read online. Video of the debate.

Miscegenated Texts and Media Cyborgs: Technologies of Body and Soul – Harryette Mullen

Laughter Was Our Inheritance: A Beirut Diary – Edwin Nasr

Customs – Solmaz Sharif (forthcoming 2022) (poetry book)

The Camera Doesn’t Love Anyone – Summer Farah (from The Constellations Series at Mosaic Theater curated by Fargo Tabakhi) (poem/essay)

Lime Rickey International’s MALAYEEN via Three Fold Press

Najwan Darwish translated by Kareem James Abou Zeid at Action Books

Dunya Mikhail’s The Stranger in Her Feminine Sign

Ruth Stone – The Möbius Strip Club of Grief

Zeinab Saab interview on Jadaliyya

Ghédalia Tezartès – Diasporas

Joe Namy interview with Halim El Dabh

New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set (Saba) (chapbook set) Featuring Revolution of The Scavengers by Henneh Kyereh Kwaku and Measurement of Holy by Nadra Mabrouk. This is my second time around buying this chapbook set and one day I wish I can be a more equipped spendthrift or resource-sharer so I can get all the other ones I missed.

There is Still Singing in The Afterlife by Jin-Jin Xu (chapbook)

Bint by Ghinwa Jawhari (chapbook)

What Noise Against The Cane by Desiree Carla Bailey (book)

anything by Sasha Debevic-McKenney, this poem with illustration by Peach Kander: AND WHO WOULD YOU PREFER TOLD THE STORY?

Pool House by Melissa Lozada Oliva (audio short story)

Therese Saliba, Nadine Naber, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha on the shift in Arab Feminist Organizing in the 1990s (video of talk)

Interview with Maaza Mengiste: “The Language of War is Always Masculine”

Jokha Alharthi – Celestial Bodies (novel)

Maaza Mengiste – The Shadow King (novel)

Harvard Book Store Archive (archive) waiting for a few to come up here, including the one with Hanif Aburraqib and An Duplan

Woodberry Poetry Room (archive) Literally everything here

Spoiler by Hala Alyan (poem)

Bring Back Our Girls by Marwa Helal (poem)

WHO REAL؟ by Marwa Helal (poem)

Poem-a-Day (publication)

Love is an Ex-Country by Randa Jarrar (memoir)

Blackspace: On the Poetics of an Afrofuture by Anaïs Duplan (essay collection)

The Wild Fox of Yemen by Threa Almontaser (poetry collection) (for this one, I am giddy in anticipation. Selected by Harryette Mullen herself)